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Ocean Blue Kennels
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Ocean Blue Kennels


We would like to give some love to the kennels that made use what we are to day

#1. my ant Norma of AMPX Kennels in Ky for Vemon and some of the great dogs that came from here in the past. thanks girl and keep up the great work with your dogs your doing it big.
#2. Kenny of BLUE GRASS PITS in Ky for letting me get our Girl Candy she is one of the best dogs we have here. Thanks man keep doing with you are.
#3 Tire of Krazy Kose Kennels in AL for letting use get Jayden she is a great girl and a great mom thanks girl keep up the great work with them dogs.
#4 Andrea of OutLawz Pride PitBull in NY for being a great freind to use and letting use get out boy Razor he is an great Add. to are fremly keep it up with the best bully ever.
#5 Mary from Texas river Bottom Kennel in TX for strating use out with are frist Gotty line dog Kelo was a great dog and a great add. to are famly and we miss him so much thanks mary and wes for a great boy.
#6 and lest we would like to thank ever one that has pick a dog from use and for all the people that has stoped by to see use and showed use some love you guys are great keep it up.

welcome to ocean blue kennels home of the great Razor Edge bloodline. with a little bit of other lines

We are made up of mustly the Razor Edge Bloodline. we have a bit of Gotty and some TNT dogs. We are happy to say that are Razor Edge line is only coming from the best dogs ever. like LOWJACK REMY-MARTIN, BLUE OF RUCKUS, DOZER / DAISY, BIGGIE, KNUCKLES, PICTURE ME ROLLIN and lost more. We are only going to be doing it the best way.

!!!We no we are!!!

What a job!

We are locted in Kentucky all of our dogs are registered most of them are with the UKC but some are ADBA. we breed the blues and blue fawns, we have be breeding APBTs for over 7 years now they have been some of the best years of my life we have came from a some kennel in to a nics size one and we have a lot more coming. We are strating to Co-Own out with a great kennel and freind of ours. Brayn mooser of , So we help you see what you are looking for here or if your only stopping by we help you have a great time with use
we wil stud our boys out if its are edge boys we may do it for pick of the litter. with 100% edge girls only and for my TNT boys they are $250 no pups back.

Ketuckys Razor Edge line